Hi there and welcome to my blog! I'm Allison, also known as Aquabel in some groups. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. I've been addicted to PSP and tagging for about 4 years. I love creating tags and sets, so thought I'd create a blog to display some of my creations, as well as anything else that may tickle my fancy :) I hope you enjoy your stay!

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August 16, 2016

CT Tag Show Off - Rieneke Designs - Beautiful Soul and Verymany 'Violet' and FTU Cluster Frame

Well tonight I had a play with a gorgeous kit by Rieneke Designs called Beautiful Soul. This kit is sooooo pretty, with lovely shades of violet and blue, I love it!  Here's a preview of the kit which you can get at Rieneke Designs HERE.
For my tag I used a beautiful tube by Verymany called Violet.  Here's a preview of the tube which you can get at Verymany Tubes HERE.  I thought the tube went lovely with the kit!
For my tag I also used a couple great masks by Dangerously Delicious Designz which you can get HERE.
I also made a FTU Cluster Frame for you, the same one I made for my tag.
You can download it HERE or HERE.
Hope you have fun with it :)
August 14, 2016

CT Tag Show Off - Kissing Kate - Summer Song

I had a play with Kissing Kate's beautiful kit called Summer Song.
This kit is so lovely, with shades of green, blue and aqua.
Here's a preview of the kit which you can get at Dees'Sign Depot HERE.
For my tag I used a lovely tube by Vadis which you can get at PFD HERE.
For my tag I recoloured one of the layers.
I also used some wonderful masks by Dangerously Delicious Designz which you can get HERE.

CT Tag Show Off - Garden Greetings and Verymany 'Pony'

  Dee of Dees'Sign Depot recently released this lovely kit called Garden Greetings.
The kit is a free bonus kit at Dees'Sign Depot with a purchase of $5.00 at the store.
Here's a preview of the kit which you can get at Dees'Sign Depot HERE.
For my tag I used this beautiful and adorable tag called Pony which you can get at Verymany Tubes HERE.
Here's my tag...

CT Tag Show Off - Dees'Sign Depot - By The Sea and Verymany 'Mermaid 4'

I had another play with Dees'Sign Depot's fabulous kit called By The Sea, which you can get at Dees'Sign Depot HERE.
Here's a preview of this beautiful kit...
For my tag I used a wonderful mermaid tube by Verymany called Mermaid 4.
Here's a preview of the tube which you can get at Verymany Tubes HERE.
August 08, 2016

CT Tag Show Off - Carita Creationz - Precious Moments and Verymany 'Betty'

I had a play with Carita Creationz beautiful kit called Precious Moments.
Here's a preview of the kit which you can get at Dees'Sign Depot HERE.
For my tag I used this beautiful multi-layer tube by Verymany called Betty.
Here's a preview of the tube which you can get at Verymany Tubes HERE.
For my tag I also used some awesome masks by Dangerously Delicious Designz which you can get HERE.
And here's a snag for you :)
Just right click and Save.
August 07, 2016

CT Tag Show Off - Gothic Inspirations - Times Of Future Past

I had a play with Gothic Inspirations fabulous kit called Times Of Future Past.
The kit was designed from a quote, which she gave to one of her CT team members.
Here's the quote:
"Those "moments" begin when we start living again"
And here is what CT Team member Julie gave to Jessica based on the quote:
Theme: Something spiritual, with hints of nature reborn,
life growing, remembrance of times past and future joys.
Colors - Greens, blues & creams.
Name Of Kit(s)/Collection: Times of Future Past

Here's a preview of the beautiful kit, which you can get at Gothic Inspirations HERE.
For my tag I used a great tube by Mélanie Delon which you can get at CDO HERE.
I also made a freebie desktop wallpaper, size 1920 x 1080, which you can download HERE.

Summer Wordart Templates and Simple Glass Effect Tutorial and Snag Tag

I made these templates a couple weeks ago for a challenge in one of the forums that I belong.
They're just simple templates, but there's still a lot you can do with them, so I thought I'd share them. 
Here's a preview of the templates...
You can download them HERE or HERE.
Here's a few examples that a friend of mine made using the templates.
Thanks very much Jessica, for making these for me, and for allowing me to show them off on my blog :)
I was also asked to make a little tutorial on how to make the template, and specifically, how to do the glass effect.  So here goes....
Template and Simple Glass Effect Tutorial
 This tutorial was written by me with Paint Shop Pro X8, and any similarities to other tutorials is purely coincidence and unintentional.
Please feel free to use my tutorials in any groups, but please link back to my blog, do not copy any portion of the tutorial or claim as your own.
The tutorial was written with the presumption you have of a good knowledge of Paint Shop Pro.
 Supplies Needed:
Font: Coluna Rounded which you can download HERE
Eye Candy 5 Impact - Glass
So let's start!
Open a new image 700 x 700, and add a new raster layer.
With your Text Tool, type out a word in capital letters, size 180, using Coluna Rounded font, or any bold font of your choice.  You can use any colour as you can change the colour later when you tag the template.  For my template I used a gradient of 2 shades.
Create your font as a Vector so that you can change the size of the word.
Once you have your vector, take your cursor and pull the edges of the vector to your desired size.
Once you have the word your desired size, convert the vector layer to a raster layer.
You should have a word looking something like this:
Now we'll create a background border.
To do this, hit Selections - Select All, then Float.
Hit Selections - Modify - Expand by 3.
You'll have a marching ants border around your word, offset by 3 pixels. 
Now with the marching ants border still there, add a new layer under your main word layer.
Then flood fill it with a colour of your choice.  Select None.
Add Noise Effect, Uniform, 60% with Monochrome checked (if desired).

Now for the glass effect.
With your main word layer active, hit Selections - Select All - Float - Defloat.
Now add a new raster layer above your main word layer.
Go to Effects - Eye Candy 5 - Impact - Glass.
Make your glass effect with the following settings:
Here's a close up:
Select None.

Note: Adding the glass effect on a separate layer makes it easy for you to make your tag...you can change the colours of your word, or add elements or tubes to it, and still have your glass effect separate.

Now just crop your template and save as a pspimage or psd file.

You can download the Sandy Toes template HERE or HERE.
Here's the tag I made with the Sandy Toes template.
 Feel free to snag it if you like it :)

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